Our Story

Amazing Story of Our School

Everyone is Precious

Alfa Omega is a non-formal school that believes that every child is a genius. But, as Albert Einstein once said, if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole live believing that it is stupid.
Thus, we do not judge our students only by their academic scores, but also by every talent that they posseses.

Alfa Omega School directs students to find their passion through both academic and talent classes, all presented with an ever-adapting and evolving methods to suit our constantly evolving world. In Alfa Omega School, we are preparing the future generation of leaders in the fear of the Lord and God-pleasing characters, with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to make an impact in their respective fields.

Lisa Sanusi

Founder of Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega

Founder Greeting

Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega was built for young generation to prepare them facing tomorrow’s world. We develop our learning system based on holistic approaches so every student will have deep understanding about how to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Through this method, we believe that our young generation will be ready not only to face future challenges but also be an agent of change based on values of life nurtured in our school.

Here in Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega, we encourage every teacher and student to interact each other with respect as one family because we believe everyone of us is precious.

Based on this value, we build trust in our school by giving support for one another. School personnels will help students who experience failure in school subjects or even their private lives by giving them encouragement, prayer, and practical advises. Students will help each other by work together as brothers and sisters to overcome weaknesses. This way, we hope to make Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega a place all students and personnels call HOME.

Kohler Bold Design Awards 2018

The KOHLER Bold Design Awards is a design competition for hospitality, residential and commercial property professionals in the region.

In March 2019, during the gala award ceremony, Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega - Tangerang, nominated to be Culture Finalist from Kohler Bold Design Awards 2018.

This competition serves as a platform to showcase tomorrow’s best talents in the field of design and innovation. A jury of renowned international and Indonesian architects and designers will select the most outstanding projects.

World Architecture Festival (WAF) 2018

Rumah Edukasi Alfa Omega - Tangerang, ID nominated for WAF 2018 in RAI Amsterdam.

The World Architecture Festival is where the world architecture community meets to celebrate learn, exchange and be inspired. It is the only architecture event where keynote talks from the industry's most influential figures sit alongside live crit presentations and judging of over 550 award finalists, global networking, a 550 project strong gallery and an international product exhibition.


School Accreditation 2018

In November 2018 PKBM Alfa Omega have been awarded A Accreditation Status for all levels of our education programs (Paket A, B, dan C) by BAN-PNF (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Pendidikan Non Formal) to recognise our progress as an educational institution.

We were awarded by BAN-PNF for the first time and we are the only one who achieve this in the Banten Province as a Non-Formal Education Institution providing Paket A, B, and C (as recorded in “Daftar Satuan Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Masyarakat Provinsi Banten Tahap III Tahun 2018”). We are delighted of our achievement and would like to thank all parents, students, teachers, and all those who contributed in this accreditation process.